Shore Dogs Park

Shore Dogs ParkI have heard good things about Shore Dogs Park so I decided to investigate. It is situated in a beautiful location. The park is surrounded by San Francisco Bay with shore birds frolicking on one side and open space on the other. The park seems much larger than it is because of the open bayland. The dog areas give dogs ample space to run around.  An energetic Afghan took full advantage of the space by sprinting from end to end with a gang of dogs following.  There is a more compact space on the opposite side for small dogs.  The scene was much more mellow in that area.  There were a few small, nervous dogs standing around staring at each other wanting nothing more than to go home with their owners.


I spoke with a man at the park who had two dogs including a 4 month old puppy.  He said he has visited every dog park in town and Shore Dogs Park is his favorite.  He said, “It is just the right size.  There is enough room for my dogs to run but not too much that they can get out of control.”

The dogs were well behaved for the most part and their owners were pretty mellow.  The humans were not overly friendly but they were also not interfering.  No one yelled at anyone to pick up their dog’s poop.  It was refreshing.  There was a big dog scuffle after I entered the park.  I am not sure if there was something about the dog like he was unneutered or if it was the mother and daughter clinging to each other in fear as they walked through the front gates that incited the commotion but it was quieted quickly. 


House Hound Red Alert:  Think twice before sitting in the above chairs.  During the short time I was at the park, the dog pictured above marked the chair over 8 times.  I can only imagine what had gone on before our arrival.  I noticed a couple of other plastic chairs hanging off of the fence when I entered and by the time I left I understood why.  Another word of caution, if your dog is a bird dog there is bird Disneyland across the street from the park.  The water is shallow and processed from the sewage treatment plant so beware if your dog charges for the nearest seagull.

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