Don’t miss 17% of potential buyers because of your dog

I just read an article in the Wall Street Journal about the increase in dog friendly hotels in the United States. Hotels Go to the Dogs, Wall Street Journal. The article states that the rising acceptance of dog friendly hotels is pitting the 63% of Americans who are dog owners against the 17% of the population who have pet allergies. The people with pet allergies don’t want to pay $400 per night to sleep in a bed where a dog has recently slept. Even though the hotels thoroughly clean and charge an extra fee for a deep cleaning, people with allergies are still nervous to sleep in these rooms.

This is the same 17% of people who could potentially walk into your dog occupied home for sale and not be able to see past the dog hair and dog beds to appreciate the value.  As a seller you don’t want to do anything to deter a potential buyer of your home.  Pets are distracting.  Ideally, pets should be removed from the home during the sale in order to present the home in the best possible light.  However, few pet owners would be willing to part with their pets for the time it takes to sell the home.  The next best thing is to hide any evidence that a pet lives in the home and make sure the pets are not there during any showings. 

In this market where some homes are lingering on the market for months, make sure you market your property to 100% of potential buyers by not alienating the 17% who have an aversion to dogs.


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