Play Date at Fort Funston


Bucky and I had a play date today at Fort Funston with his best friend Otto and Otto’s mom. In my opinion Fort Funston is the best off leash dog area on the peninsula. It is Disneyland for dogs. There are hills, dunes, open beach, birds and other dogs to keep our four footed friends amused and on the move.

Fort Funston is located in San Francisco, south of Ocean Beach. The entrance and large parking lot can only be reached by driving south on Skyline Blvd (Highway 35). Go past the traffic light at John Muir Blvd and up the hill. You’ll see a small sign on the right, near the top of the hill. If you get to John Daly Blvd in Daly City – you’ve gone too far! The upper parking lot is open from sunrise to sunset, but if you park in the smaller lot near John Muir Blvd you can always hike in up the hill.


Fort Funston is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. There are trails that run through the dunes & ice plants from the parking lot above with good access to the beach below.  There is something for everyone at Fort Funston.  If your dog loves water you can hike down the sand trails to the open beach and let your dog run freely.  If you want to keep your dog clean and away from the water, you can stay at the top of the bluff where there are numerous trails and other dogs with whom your dog can play. 
There are only a couple of negatives about Fort Funst0n.  If you don’t like to exercise but your dog does, the sand ladder is a killer.  There is really no low impact way to get back to the top from the beach. 

There are piles of horse poop on the beach and other dead things that dogs love to roll in so you just have to know it is going to be a bath day.  It is important to be aware of the tide table.  At low tide the beach is expansive and easy to traverse.  At high tide you could become stuck clinging to the cliff trying to escape the oncoming surf.  Be sure to plan your trip around low tide if you wish to take your dog onto the beach.  You can check the tide table at Tides Online.
Happy Day at the Beach

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