Dog Friendly Doesn’t Always Mean Dog Friendly

A client, who moved out of state, called today to tell me about her new home and an issue she is having with her Homeowners Association. She moved into a condo complex with no pet restrictions which was great for her and her dog. However, one of her neighbors has a pit bull which he allows to run loose. According to my client the condo association has not taken much action other than writing a letter to the owner asking him to keep his dog leashed. She is worried about her and her dog’s safety. She asked me if there was anything she could do.

I suggested she consult an attorney.  Sometimes a strongly worded letter from an attorney will scare a reckless dog owner into obedience.  Most CCRs require dogs to be kept on leash in common areas and most cities have laws that dogs must be kept on leashes in public.  If the HOA is not adequately enforcing the association rules, then it is up to the homeowners to take legal action.  If there is a city leash law that is being violated, the police or animal control could be contacted to enforce the public law.  With the exposure dog mauling cases have received in the press in recent years, public officials are on high alert to prevent any more tragedies. 


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  1. I find this to be interesting because while living in The City (Charlotte, NC) my golden retriever (Cliffard)was on his leash that was anchored to the ground outside for such times as pottying and things of that nature. During one of his outtings, he got loose from his leash and ran down the street where a homeowner was carelessly letting his pitbull roam free. My neighbor alerted me that my dog was loose and the pitbull was attacking him, I ran as fast as possible towards the comotion but the owner took control of the pitbull before I could get to him. There is no telling what could have happened and I get chills thinking about it. Cliffard was ok and only suffered minor wounds, but it was the same scenario. The HMO didn’t really do anything to enforce that the pitbull owner keep his family pooch from running freely and this worried me to no end.

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