Letting Loose at Lake Lagunita

Lake Lagunita Palo Alto 
ake Lagunita is a hidden jewel on the Stanford campus. It is located on the western side of campus near the Stanford Golf Driving Range. The lake is artificial and is dry for most of the year. A dirt trail surrounds Lake Lagunita forming a .9 mile loop. It is a good walking trail for dogs and their owners. If you like to let your dog off leash, this is a great place to do so. Dogs can run through the dry lake bed and get a good romp while you walk the path. A group of primarily Vizsla dog owners meet in the center of the lake in the early evening. The group welcomes dogs of all breeds to join them. Since Lake Lagunita is on the Stanford campus you have to pay for parking. However, if you arrive after 4:00 pm the parking is free. 

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  1. Lake Lagunita is a real find! My dog, Scoutie can run and sniff to her hearts delight; and I can get some much needed exercise! Djuna – thanks for telling us about this place; it’s a keeper!

  2. Wanted to let everyone know that they need to be very careful at the lake with the broken glass in the “pit area. There is little glass around the upper rim, but if you go down the hill into the lake area, there is a lot of glass. My dog got her paw slit open by glass and it took many stitches and 4 weeks to heal. Another dog who I see at the lake area, got her leg cut so badly, it cut her tendon. So be VERY careful. The Stanford students bring wine bottle down there and either throw them or they get run over when they run the grass cutter through. Now with the water, it won’t be so bad, but still be careful, especially near the sand area.

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