Moving with your dog: Five ways to ease your dog’s stress

Moving with your dog 
oving is disruptive for every member of the family including the four footed ones. I have heard stories about dogs getting so traumatized by a move that they had to be medicated. There are five steps you can take to make the transition easier for your dog. 

  1. Remove your dog from the home on the day of the move.  If you are able to take your dog to doggie day care or a friend or neighbor’s house it will ease your dog’s stress. 
  2. When you take your dog into your new home for the first time spend some time playing and reassuring your dog that everything is ok in the new environment. 
  3. Unpack your dog’s toys, beds and food/water bowls before bringing your dog into the home.  Dogs like routine so try to place the objects in the same general location as they were in the previous home.  Your dog will feel more relaxed once he recognizes familiar objects and smells.
  4. Walk your dog through your new home so he can sniff out his new surroundings.  Give your dog lots of positive reinforcement and maybe a treat or new toy so the experience is positive.  Show your dog where his bed/crate is located so he knows where he can go to feel safe.
  5. Walk your dog around the neighborhood and introduce him to your new neighbors.  This will make everyone feel better.  If your dog ever gets out of the yard, it is helpful if your neighbors recognize your dog.  It is also good PR.

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