Canine Profiling: 11 dogs that could raise your insurance costs

Beware of Dog

It is illegal to discriminate against someone based on sex, age, race, religion, family status, national origin, military status, or disability. However, it is acceptable to discriminate against someone based on the breed of their dog. In most states it is legal for insurance companies to charge homeowners higher premiums or refuse to renew a policy based solely on the owner’s breed of dog. Insurers say that canine profiling helps bring down the cost of homeowner policies. Dog bites cost home insurers more than $300 million annually. As a result, some insurance companies are refusing to issue property policies to owners of “biting breeds” or increasing the premiums for those dog owners. Will your beloved pooch cost you more in insurance premiums?  Below is a list of 11 dogs that regularly make insurance companies “bad dog” lists.

  1. Akita
  2. Alaskan Malamute
  3. Chow Chow
  4. Doberman Pinscher
  5. German Shepherd
  6. Pit Bull
  7. Presa Canario
  8. Rottweiler
  9. Siberian Husky
  10. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  11. Wolf Hybrid

The best way to take a bite out of your insurance costs is to train and spay/neuter your dog.  Insurance companies also like to see that your pet is secured on your property.  For more information on homeowners insurance for dog owners go to the American Kennel Club’s Homeowners’ Insurance Resource Center.


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  1. Sounds to me that insurance companies are looking for yet another way to increase premiums. Anyone that knows & understand dog know that it how the human treats the animal that determines how the dog will act in our society. If we have dogs lists as “biting breeds” it’s because we made them that way.

  2. I agree with David. It’s all about how you train your dog and it’s socialization. If you don’t train it or properly socialize it, something bad is bound to happen. Heck, you could put a Chihuahua on the list, if it’s not properly taken care of.

  3. grrrrr… growl… cici does not like being profiled… she is part Dalmatian, part pit bull… and the sweetest girl dog in the world… almost every day at dog parks and other places there are all kinds of dogs who are not friendly, to say the least, and yes, it is the owners, irresponsible owners, who make the difference between a ‘good’ dog and a ‘bad’ dog… there are many myths that are simply not true… some pit bulls are K9 workers and heroes… and many people would not recognize a pit bull if their life depended upon it…

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