A Picture is Worth a Thousand Woofs

Bucky at the beach

Bucky and I met with a pet photographer at Fort Funston.  His name is Mark Rogers and he is based in San Francisco.  Although I have thousands of pictures of Bucky I have taken myself, they don’t quite capture his spirit the way Mark’s pictures do.  Mark took some action shots of Bucky with his foot long lense that I could have never captured on my digital camera.  The shot below is a good example.

Bucky mid-shake

I have noticed that many of my clients, who are dog owners, have had professional photos of their dogs taken in order to remember their dogs when they are gone.  Although this is a very sad thought, the clients who have actually planned ahead are so grateful they have the photos when the time comes. 

Mark does excellent work.  I am impressed with his photos.  You can see his gallery of pictures at Mark Rogers Photography.

I enjoy pet photography.  One of my favorite books of dog photography is Shelter Dogs by Traer Scott.  This collection of portraits of dogs living in American shelters is touching.


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