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Notes from the House Hound Trail 

Peninsula House Hound sniffs out the best real estate deals on the peninsula for dogs and their people.  Dog owners have specialized real estate needs.  Peninsula House Hound is dedicated to serving the needs of every member of the family including the four footed ones.

When buying a home where a dog will live there are several important considerations.  Does the house provide an area where the dog can be safely contained?  Is it near a local dog park where the dog can exercise and socialize?  Is the neighborhood dog friendly?  Does the Homeowners Association have pet restrictions? 

For sellers the issues are even greater.  Is the dog going to feel safe and comfortable during the sale?  Dogs are traumatized by too much change and activity.  Will the dog scare away potential buyers?  Many people are afraid of dogs and will not even consider homes where there is a dog.  Will the presence of a dog lower the value of your home?  I work with sellers to make sure their dogs are happy and that they get the highest possible price for their home.

This blog addresses the unique concerns of dog owners when buying or selling a home.  I am a Realtor with Coldwell Banker in Menlo Park.  My business is focused on real estate services for dog owners.  Each week I will highlight new, dog friendly listings as well as share information about the real estate market in general.  I will review a new dog park each week both sanctioned and unsanctioned.  Just because there is a dog park down the street from your home doesn’t mean it is the right park for your individual dog.  Some dog parks are dominated by large, roughhousing dogs and others by small, delicate dogs.  Some have aggressive pit bulls and others have passive lap dogs.  In my review I will paint a picture of the personality of the park as well as the location and hours.  I will also discuss local dog groups and activities.  If your neighborhood is not already dog friendly there are ways to make it so.

My vision for this blog is that dog owners on the peninsula will share information and stories about dog parks in their areas.  There are so many unofficial dog parks that only locals know.  For clients looking for dog friendly neighborhoods information about unofficial dog parks in the area is invaluable.  I also see this blog as a forum for posting questions about dogs and real estate as well as an arena in which to share dog friendly community information.


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