New on the market in Menlo Park: Dog friendly pick of the litter

345 Claremont Way, Menlo Park

There is a new listing on the market in Linfield Oaks at 345 Claremont Way in Menlo Park.  The home is located on a quiet, tree lined street perfect for a peaceful stroll with your pooch.  It is within walking distance of Burgess Park, the Menlo Park Civic Center and downtown Menlo Park. 

The home itself has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, hardwood floors and an enclosed backyard with a pool and spa.  It is in the Menlo Park school district so you get good schools and good dog parks with this home.

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Buy a Pad for your Pooch near Peet’s and a Park

1001 University Drive, Menlo Park, CA 

What’s better than living near Peet’s and a park?  How about living across the street from Draeger’s?  There is a home new on the market at 1001 University Drive in Menlo Park that has it all.  It is is steps from Peet’s, Draeger’s and a park where they have concerts during the summer.  This home has great schools, good dog parks and excellent restaurants within blocks. 

The home is not only in a great location.  It is beautiful as well.  It has 2 bedrooms and 2 baths.  There are beautiful hardwood floors, a living room with a fireplace, fenced in front yard and a private backyard with deck.  The front yard is fenced but a large dog could easily scale the fence.  The backyard has a high fence so any size dog would be safe.  The fenced in front yard is a nice feature for dog owners who have dogs who like to bolt out the front door. 

For more information about this and other dog friendly homes on the Peninsula, go to or contact me directly at Djuna Woods at (650) 450-0724. 

New on the Market: Menlo Park Pick of the Litter

971 Menlo Avenue, Menlo Park, CA
I was reminded today of why I love Menlo Park. While waiting for a parking space in the Draeger’s parking lot, I saw a blond, soccer mom type back out of a parking space in her huge Suburban and pull off the bumper of the neighboring car. The owner of the damaged car happened to be walking to her car at the time and saw the whole incident. She approached the woman driving the Suburban who immediately jumped out of her car and burst into tears. The woman whose bumper was dangling from her oversized SUV hugged the tearful woman and told her everything was going to be OK. It was so sweet. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy about my community.

The people in Menlo Park are for the most part good natured.  They are dog loving, good hearted people who help their neighbors and want to preserve a small town feeling in their city.  Of course there are exceptions but this has been my experience.  My dog and I get a lot of love when we walk the streets of Menlo Park and I feel lucky to live here.

If you would like to experience all this love yourself and are looking for a townhome for you and your small dog, there is an ideal property steps from Draegers.  971 Menlo Avenue is an inviting loft-like 1 bedroom, 1 bath townhouse located on a quiet cul-de-sac a block from downtown Menlo Park. The upstairs room features a central wood burning fireplace, high ceilings & oversized windows.  The bedroom downstairs leads to a private rear garden deck.  It is small but cozy.  The location is the major selling point of this unit. 

The HOA restricts dogs to less than 25 pounds which is probably a good idea because the backyard is small.  However, there is a deck and grass area that would meet the needs of most small dogs.  The condo is also walking distance to Nealon Park which is an off leash dog park in weekday mornings between 8:00-10:00am.   

For more information about this and other dog friendly properties, go to  You can contact me directly at or call me at (650) 450-0724.

Dog Days of Real Estate

Djuna Woods and her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Bucky
Dog friendly real estate has been getting some press coverage recently. Today I had an interview with the Animal Radio Network. Hal Abrams interviewed me about pet friendly real estate and why it is important for pet owners to work with a Realtor who is sensitive to the needs of their pets. You can hear the interview by downloading the podcast from Animal Radio. My interview is about 30 minutes into the podcast if you wish to skip ahead. 

The San Francisco Chronicle wrote about Peninsula House Hound last Sunday on the front page of the Business section in an article entitled Some real estate agents have pet projects The article discusses how Realtors are creating niches for themselves in order to target their marketing.  I shared with the reporter that dog friendly real estate services are not just a clever marketing tactic for me but rather it is my passion. 

I am a dog owner and the other dog owners I know consider their dogs part of the family.  When buying or selling a home, dog owners know they must take the needs of the entire family into consideration including the four footed ones.  The location of dog parks is becoming just as important as the location of schools and other amenities when I am showing people homes.  To be able to come home after a long day at the office and have the luxury of only walking a few blocks to a dog park where your dog can exercise off all of the pent up energy from the day is priceless. 

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Divorcing with a dog?

1155 Merrill St. Menlo Park

There are two condos that came on the market this week in Menlo Park that are a good fit for a single person with a dog.  They both have three bedrooms so there is ample room for your pooch and visitors.

Pictured above is 1155 Merrill Street #202.  Although this is a second story unit, there is a rather large patio area for a dog.  This condo is ideal for enjoying the downtown Menlo Park lifestyle.  It is close to shops and restaurants and is across the street from the CalTrain station.
580 Sand Hill Circle is a spacious, end unit, townhome with a golf course view (along with a view of 280.)  It is a little noisy but as the listing agent said you can think of it as a stream in your backyard (nice spin.)  Sand Hill Circle is a common destination for divorcees so if you are separating you will be in good company in this area.  I noticed quite a few people walking their dogs in the neighborhood when I previewed the property today.  One of the neighbors has a King Charles Cavalier and another one had what sounded like a large dog barking in the garage.  

For more information on these and other dog friendly homes on the Peninsula, go to www.peninsulahousehound.comor email me at

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Peninsula Real Estate Market Update

Economic news was sketchy again this week, with housing-related headlines continuing to point out the scary negatives. However, we continue to see a surprising amount of interest from buyers who are deciding to take the plunge. The deals that are out there are getting to be irresistible, and with mortgage rates starting to creep back up (though still at near historic lows) buyers are recognizing that now may be the best time to buy. Sales are increasing in all price ranges in many areas, and it is perhaps the passing of the economic stimulus package that is spurring these buyers to buy. Now they’re jumping in while the deals are out there.  We are also starting to see homes that have been on the market for quite awhile starting to get multiple offers and selling.  First time buyers are also finding affordable, desirable homes in lower price ranges and through REO sales – and they’re buying them.  It is not uncommon now to see multiple offers on REO’s. For more information about the local real estate market contact me at

Is your neighborhood safe? New website maps local crime

The city of Palo Alto launched a new website on Wednesday which allows the public to use Google Maps to plot crime incidents in the city. The Web site,, provides users free access to targeted e-mail alerts and a searchable database of the city’s recent crimes.

Every morning the police department updates the website from their report management system.  Not only is this tool valuable to keep residents informed about crime in their community it is also an excellent resource for buyers considering various Palo Alto neighborhoods. 

I searched the site for crime reports around Palo Alto’s dog parks.  Hoover Park was virtually crime free.  Greer and Mitchell parks both had crime incidents on their borders.  To check out the crime around Palo Alto dog parks click here.

Hopefully, Menlo Park will subscribe to this service at some point.  There is currently a rash of burglaries taking place in the Willows near Willow Oaks dog park.  The burglaries are primarily taking place in the morning after the owners go to work.  It would be great to see a map of the area to view where the crimes are clustered.

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New on the market: Top Pick for Dog Friendly Home in the Willows

The Willowss in Menlo Park is a dog friendly neighborhood located between San Francisquito Creek and Willow Road. Eucalyptus, oak and bay trees line the streets making it a nice place to walk your dog. It also has a neighborhood dog park which is one of the best in town. Willow Oaks dog park has limited hours but a newly reseeded lawn and friendly people. To search for homes near Willow Oaks dog park, click here.

The Willows has a strong sense of community.  They even have their own Yahoo Group at Willows_neighborhood@yahoogroups.comwhere neighbors stay connected and share information.  As I was driving through the Willows previewing property on Broker’s tour, I saw the above Basset Xing sign posted to a tree.  Now that is dog friendly!

A bike path connects The Willows to Palo Alto making trips to downtown Palo Alto with your pooch an easy walk over the San Francisquito Creek.  

 221 McKendry Drive, Menlo Park

There is a new listing at 221 McKendry Drive which is my top pick for dog friendly property in the Willows.  It is walking distance to Willow Oaks, located on a quiet street and was formerly occupied by two King Charles Cavaliers.  This 3 bedroom 1 bath home features an updated and expanded kitchen, top of the line appliances, hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, dual pane windows, wood burning fireplace and garage bonus room.  There is a nice backyard area for your dogs to enjoy.  Open house Saturday and Sunday.

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New on the market: Dog friendly homes in Menlo Park

429 Concord Drive, Menlo Park

If you are looking for a single family home in Menlo Park that is in a dog friendly neighborhood, my top pick is 429 Concord Drive. The home is located in The Willows, which is a cute, dog friendly neighborhood conveniently located near 101. There are beautiful hardwood floors throughout the home which makes for easy cleanup when there are dirty paws and a lovely fenced backyard with a large Heritage Oak tree (perfect for keeping you dog cool on hot days.) One of the best parts about this home is that is walking distance to Willow Oaks dog park which is one of the best maintained dog parks in the area. 

600 Willow Road, Menlo ParkIf you are in the market for a dog friendly townhome, 600 Willow Road is my top choice.  Dogs are allowed and there are no weight restrictions.  Several of the owners in the complex have small dogs.  The best part about this townhome is that it is right around the corner from Willow Oaks dog park.  The townhome itself has a small yard but living next to a dog park is priceless. 

Both homes are open this weekend.  For more information about these homes or other dog friendly properties in Menlo Park, contact me at

Dog Party at Kepler’s Books

On January 26 at 2:00 pm Kepler’s Books in Menlo Park is hosting a dog party in honor of an appearance by the editors of Bark magazine. Cameron Woo and Claudie Kawezynska recently published “Howl: A Collection of the Best Contemporary Dog Wit.” Kepler’s is located at 1010 El Camino Real in Menlo Park. Dogs on leash are welcome at the event. The management promises “free treats and other surprises for dogs and their companions.”

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